World Hosts Report - March 2014

World Hosts Report
March 2014

In what appears to be a continuing theme, the three worst positions on the HE Index are held by hosts or networks registered in the United States.

The HE Index represents concentrations of malicious activity detected on web hosts and networks, in a report spanning three months.

Download the report here.

World Hosts Report - September 2013

World Hosts Report
September 2013

For the first time, hosts registered in a single country – the United States – occupy the worst three places in the Top 50 list of hosts and networks.

Examining hosting practices and standards is as relevant as ever in the quest for much needed improvements to a system that has few enforceable restraints.

Download the report here.

World Hosts Report - March 2013

World Hosts Report
March 2013

As malware continues to evolve, and cybercriminals continue to learn, one particular fundamental remains constant – almost all malicious threats are physically hosted somewhere.

For this reason, it remains as important as ever to examine hosting practices and standards and consider how they can be improved.

Download the report here.

About Us

HostExploit is a community-driven organisation dedicated to the research of cybercrime, with a focus on hosts and registrars.

Reports on HostExploit were the first to highlight the 2008 Russian cyber attacks on Georgia. More recently, cybercriminal web hosts such as McColo, Atrivo and EstDomains have been exposed.

HostExploit is edited by Jart Armin – world-renowned investigator, analyst and writer on cybercrime and internet security.

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Host Remediation

We provide unique reputation-based services to the community and commercial sector.

We enable web hosting companies, ISPs, domain registrars, and others, to track down sources of malicious activity on their servers, and prevent future infections. As a result:

  • the web host has less abuse reports and negative business to deal with
  • the webmaster (who is usually an innocent party) gets a clean website
  • the end user is at less risk of infection


HostExploit regularly appears at industry conferences, contributes to important security groups and is referenced by other research outfits.

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