HostExploit is a community-driven organisation dedicated to the research of cybercrime, with a focus on hosts and registrars.

Reports on HostExploit were the first to highlight the 2008 Russian cyber attacks on Georgia. More recently, cybercriminal web hosts such as McColo, Atrivo and EstDomains have been exposed.

HostExploit is edited by Jart Armin – world-renowned investigator, analyst and writer on cybercrime and internet security. However, much of the research is provided by the wider community. All those involved are respected Internet professionals within the areas of web hosting, server management, DNS, internet security, reverse engineering and traffic analysis.

HostExploit was created as an open resource for those who wish to reduce and prevent cybercrime, its effects and causes, and assist in wider awareness and education. Through this top-down approach, law enforcement, CERTs, ISPs, telecommunications, web hosting companies and, finally, webmasters and end users are better informed.

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Jart Armin

Jart Armin is a leading activist, analyst, and researcher of organized cybercrime and cyber-warfare. As editor of HostExploit, Jart gained notoriety for exposing cyber attacks on Georgia as well as cybercriminal hosts such as McColo and Atrivo.

More recently, Jart has been at the forefront of quantification of internet badness, as well as advances in botnet tracking. Jart continues to release regular reports and articles on the latest cybercriminal threats.


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