HostExploit was created in 2006 as an open resource for those who wish to reduce and prevent cybercrime, its effects and causes, and assist in wider awareness and education.

Reports on HostExploit were the first to highlight the 2008 Russian cyber attacks on Georgia and exposed cybercriminal web hosts such as McColo, Atrivo and EstDomains.

Today, HostExploit remains a community-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to cybercrime research with a focus on hosts and registrars. Our unique reports aim to educate and alert on the malicious activities emanating from the fundamental services which underpin the whole Internet infrastructure and which we all use.

Our approach to thwarting cybercriminals is different. It rests in the belief held at our foundation and rings as true today as when we first started:

All cybercrime is hosted somewhere, by someone

We use our reports to uniquely pinpoint the poorly-performing hosting providers who fail to prevent the use of their services for malicious purposes. All current Autonomous Systems around the world are ranked using our highly regarded HE Index, and presented in a table named the Top 50 Bad Hosts.

Much of the research is provided by the wider community including Internet professionals within the areas of web hosting, server management, DNS, internet security, reverse engineering and traffic analysis.

Readers include law enforcement, CERTs, ISPs, telecommunications, web hosting companies, webmasters and end-users.

Download the latest report and see for yourself the hosts with the worst reputation worldwide.

HostExploit is edited by Jart Armin – world-renowned investigator, analyst, researcher and writer on cybercrime and internet security.