Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Demand Media / eNom Report - Cybercrime USA

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Language English
License Creative Commons by-nc-nd
Author HostExploit
Price Free
Created 2010-08-10 12:37:14
Changed at 2010-08-10 14:23:42

Cybercrime goes to Wall Street

As part of a series of reports on ‘Cybercrime USA’, HostExploit presents a detailed analysis on Demand Media/eNom’s position as #1 Bad Host in the HE Index of comparative Internet badness. Research published in our recent Q2 2010 Top 50 Bad Hosts and Networks Report shows AS21740 Demand Media/eNom topping the HE chart by serving and distributing internet badness through: botnets, spam, malware, infected web sites, and exploit serving. Out of the known 34,738 publicly reported ASes (servers), Demand Media/eNom is shown to be #1 for Internet badness and #1 abusive registrar.


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